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Group Exhibition: Urban x Indigenous: Keep Pushin'

Curator: Sammay Dizon

Displayed: June 11, 2017

Location: SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA

UxI: III “Keep Pushin’” envisioned Hip-Hop as our thread from Urban to Indigenous.Throughout hxstory, marginalized peoples have always produced culture as a means to uplift and resist.

This piece, entitled "Gen-EA-Ology" submitted for the show investigated the phenomenon coined by Hip Hop marketing mogul Steve Stoute as the "Tanning of America". Through playful use of pop imagery and intergalactic charachters, I explore how industries, like people, strategically merge, to create "EA" or "ethnically ambigous" experiences and products. The 'tanning' of hip hop has brought a subculture that was once in the "margins" to the center stage of music and global culture as a mainstream powerhouse industry. This piece questioned how foreign perspectives have both helped and harmed the propagation of hip hop as a cultural phenomena worldwide.


This is canvas hand painted with aerosol and acryllic paint and patched onto a vintage denim jacket.

Contact me for quotes on custom painted denim. 


Photography by Bousa Concepts 

 Installations and Curations 
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