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Innovative Resistance

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 46’ x 36’

Location: Impact Hub SF - 1885 Mission St, San Francisco, CA (Map the Mural)

This mural was completed between June 2018 - January 2019 with 20 youth ages 16-21 years from San Francisco as part of the Precita Eyes Urban Youth Arts Class. The lead artist Max Martilla of Precita Eyes and I held 8 workshops with the youth to design the mural. Then for 5 months, each weekend youth painted the wall using acrylic paint and aerosol.

See photos below of the final mural, process shots including the community design workshops and the mural narrative.  


Mural Narrative:

"The mural presents a vision of San Francisco as seen by young local artists. At the top, the SF skyline illuminates masks with the city's 415 area code.  In the center, a Muni bus driven by a woman in clothing inspired by Mayan goddess Ix’chel takes passengers on a life journey. A fiery jaguar clings to its roof. The road beneath is being woven by a woman who crafts the words INNOVATE and RESIST into the fabric. 


Under the freeway, a homeless family huddles around a bright light of hope, as protesters march for housing and human rights. Artists confront police as passersby record the conflict on their phones. Surveillance  cameras and radio towers are hidden among the flowers, which represent the resilience that blossoms in harsh conditions. At the bottom, a spirit honoring Nia Wilson, the Oakland teen murdered in 2018, dances to music spun by a local DJ. A case with flowers spills open, revealing the hope and medicine we can carry with us as we go through life."


“Innovative Resistance” was directed by Max Marttila and assisted by Sami Schilf, Diego Irizarry and Amber Ramirez. Designed and painted by Urban Youth Arts participatns Teresa Benson, Josie Merer, Jason Ira, Gisselle Wilson, Chloe Dimitrou, Sydney Li, Jude Pagpaguitan, Angelica Castro, Jaden Luscher, Xochitl Quiroz, Izak Lederman-Beach, Lilia Kuroda, Brenda de aa Cruz, Neto Najera, Chase, Haven Hibser, Rey Novicio Jr, Ronna Raz, Emily Lin and Charlene Casuga.  ​

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