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Artists: Sami See & Kristian Kabuay

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 17’ x 15’

Location: Mirage Medicinal 984 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA (Map the Mural)

This wall was painted in collaboration with Artist Kristian Kabuay at Mirage Medicinal, a soon to open cannabis dispensary. 

The word LUMIYAB means to spark or burn, metaphorically referring to an inner fire. Kristian is a master letterer, specializing in baybayin, a pre-Philippine calligraphy. He designed and painted the lettering and designs that fill them. 

I designed and painted the woman in the center of the wall. She is a Pinay Warrior who is also repping San Francisco, a true "Friscopinx" in the lineage of Tony Robles, Al Robles, and current artists reinventing the term such as Mister Rey.  

 Map the Mural 
Find Lumiyab
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