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New Mestizx

Curator: Sami Schilf 

Displayed: May 24, 2019 - June 15, 2019

Location: Juan R. Fuentes Gallery at Accion Latina

Featured Artists:
Alyssa Aviles • Cecilia Cassandra • Harvey Lozada • HyphyWyphy • Joe Ramos • Malaya Tuya • Monica Magtoto • Kate Dash • Pinay Liminality • Pinxy’s Rising by Nickel Rivera and Narce Guinto • Sami See • Tito Gavina

With the New Mestizx exhibition, curator Sami Schilf sought to capture the transcultural hybridity, exploring what emerges when cultural identities, histories, and people intersect in the Bay Area. The works reflected the experience of twelve artists of Filipinx and Latinx heritage living in between worlds as they navigate their identity through the lens of “New Mestizx,” a term inspired by writer Gloria Anzaldúa. Through photography, mixed media, prints, paintings, textile, and audio installations, the artists explored how gentrification, motherhood, transnational migration and intergenerational transmission of culture informs how they choose to remember or redefine traditions.

This exhibition was a focus event at the San Francisco Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center's annual festival The United States of Asian America Festival: Collective Memories. 

See news coverage of the show on Balitang America below.


  New Mestizx in the Media 
New Mestizx Video
"New Mesitzx" exhibit explores intersections of cultural identity

"New Mesitzx" exhibit explores intersections of cultural identity

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 Installations and Curations