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We Are Still Here

Year: 2016

Dimensions: 6’ x 24’

Location: Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA (Map the Mural)

This mural was painted with the Bay Baes, a San Francisco based collective of women muralists. The group consists of Sami See, Elaine Chu, Marina Perez-Wong, Priya Handa, Monica Magtoto, Sarah Sisken, Yuka Ezoe and Susan Cervantes. Brought together by our love of painting, we painted a few walls together between 2016-2017. Spending time these highly talented amongst women painters in a predominantly male creative field has been a gift and highlight of my work as an artist. Painting alongside Susan, who is well known as one of the mother's of West Coast muralism is an honor, especially watching her swift technique in painting this 'gila monster' a black and orange dragon that is native to Mexico. 

This wall, was designed around my birthday in 2016 a time when the Mission District of SF was thrush with fires. This traditionally Latino neighborhood has been hit hard by gentrification and many suspected foul play and landlords arsening the homes to collect insurance money. This mural spoke about a communities resilience in the face of violent changes to the city's culture and landscape. How as artists and muralists our work is in remembrance and celebrating this place as we know and love it as an act of resistance and preservation.

 Map the Mural 
Find Love the Mother
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